Building modern
digital experiences

We are a design and development company that builds their own digital products and supports customers in building theirs.


Our software and hardware products are solutions to problems we have encountered ourselves many times.

The portable and playful Air Quality Sensor that allows you to measure CO2 content, temperature and relative humidity.
The IoT platform is used by makers all around the world to develop IoT applications and devices.
The next big thing. Stay tuned!


Our customers enjoy full access to our experience in building digital products, services and platforms.

We built a custom multi-website publishing platform for the swiss documentary film production company Mira Film.
We support the Zurich University of the Arts in multiple digital projects. The latest was a web app telling the story of industrialist Alfred Escher.
We support the renowned German design studio Phoenix with prototyping new hardware products for their customers.

A good experience
is the product of a
deliberate process

We follow a unique design and development process. To ensure goals are met fast and exact, we mix agile development methods with efficient design methods and a powerful and integrated technology stack.


We’re happy to provide services across the board from ideation over design to coding and development.

In the early stage of a project we can help with generating ideas, formalizing concepts and testing viability.
Based on your input we can help user experience research, wireframing and graphical user interface design.
Has the project become more concrete, we can bootstrap, support or supervise in the development process up to the launch.


We heavily invest in our stack to enable ourselves to efficiently build products from idea to launch.

We use Sketch to visualize quickly and build sophisticated pixel-perfect design systems that enable easy future prototyping.
All our backend services are developed using Go, the fast and simple programming language used by many modern teams.
In order to provide detail and perfection when it comes to user experience we employ the trusted framework Ember.
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